April 2, 2012

Around The Blawgs

Note: “Around The Blawgs” spotlights noteworthy posts from among the The ABA Journal’s “Blawg 100.” Wall Street Journal Law Blog When Your Professor Doesn’t Make You Buy The Whole Book From The Sidebar Legislating Transparency & The Supreme Court’s Reluctance to Televise Oral Arguments Small Firm Innovation The App Missing from your Practice Virtual Law Practice Release of iPad App for Virtual Practice D.A. Confidential I’ve Loved You For A Thousand Years SLAW The Cloud Descends On ABA Techshow 2012 Robert Ambrogi’s Lawsites More News From MyCase: A Built-In Word Processor Ride The Lightning Law Enforcement Routinely Tracks Cell Phones web security web security .
April 18, 2012

In The News: Los Angeles Courts Facing Cuts

The Los Angeles Times reports today that the Los Angeles County Court System is facing a $30 million budget cut that over the coming months will result in layoffs, courtroom closings and the shutdown of a juvenile court program. The latest reductions will shutter 56 courtrooms and eliminate 350 employees, and follow an initial $70 million already slashed from the budget this fiscal year. Court reporters will no longer be provided for civil trials and the courts will pare back their use in motions hearings, meaning litigants will have to hire their own transcribers if they want to record testimony. The cuts comes as California’s judicial budget, which has been pared back in recent years as the state struggled economically, faces the potential loss of tens of millions of dollars in 2013 if a tax measure on the November ballot fails.
April 23, 2012

Photo Gallery: Iconic Los Angeles

Presenting Executive Presentations’ Second-Annual Photo Gallery. The in-house exhibition is comprised of staffmember submissions on the theme of “Iconic Los Angeles.” Click on the individual thumbnails to view larger versions of the images.  
April 27, 2012

Putting the iPad to Work

It’s time to embrace the latest digital technology and how it can best serve our clients both in and out of the courtroom. There’s a new order in the court; one spurred on by exponential increases in the speed, power, portability and sophistication of today’s generation of digital devices, and the productivity levels they elevate. Here at Executive Presentations we’re proactive regarding the latest technology and how it can best serve our clients both in and out of the courtroom. Three years ago there was no such thing as an Apple iPad. Today, the legal community increasingly wants to know how it can seamlessly blend this revolutionary device into its trial operations. And the answer is: carefully. It’s not unreasonable to marvel at a tablet computer and be enthusiastic in how it could be of benefit to your firm’s lawyers, be it in the courtroom or the conference room. A few months after the first-generation iPad debuted in 2010, consumer rights attorney Randall Ryder, who contributes to, unguardedly praised what he saw was the device’s potential. “The iPad is going to be sweet,” he wrote. “It will change the way law students learn the law, and it will be […]