May 11, 2012

Zoom Zoom

EP looks at the Prezi presentation software system and sees potential. Launched in 2009, Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software system that has opened up an exciting new dimension beyond exhibit boards and slides. With its zoomable canvas, Prezi delivers visually engaging presentations that lead viewers down a captivating path of discovery. Realizing the system’s potential for compelling use in the courtroom, Executive Presentations Design Consultant Troy White took Prezi for a test drive and came away impressed. What he liked most is its functionality in moving in and around a large graphical layout that delivered both a big-picture view as well as detailed and focused information in a unified way. Below is a screengrab of the title page of a demonstration Troy crafted to show an example of a timeline presentation and some of its possibilities: You can view and move through this web-based demo on the Prezi website (for best results go to full-screen viewing available by clicking the “more” link in the bottom right corner). Troy looks at Prezi’s pros and cons after the jump.
June 15, 2012

Special Delivery!

This advertisement appeared in the June 15, 2012 issue of Los Angeles Daily Journal.
June 18, 2012

News Item: Latest Court Cuts Announced

Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) Presiding Judge Lee Smalley Edmon announced June 15 that 431 court employees will be adversely affected as reductions in state financial support for the California judicial branch force additional cuts in the  budget by $30 million. These actions will affect nearly 1 of every 10 employees of LASC, the largest trial court in the nation. “This is the unfortunate human impact of the need to reduce our spending by $30 million,” Edmon said. “We are laying off people who are committed to serving the public. It is a terrible loss both to these dedicated employees and to the public.” The latest cuts are part of an ongoing series of reductions that began in April of 2010 and that will continue. The reductions made to date have saved a reported $70 million. The current actions will save another $30 million. Despite these cuts, the court faces future additional shortfalls as more reductions in state support for the trial courts are proposed for the Fiscal Year 2012-13 budget. As of this writing, the state budget is not yet finished, but the Governor’s May Revision proposes to reduce judicial branch funding by another $544 million, and to eliminate […]
June 19, 2012

TechWatch: Scratching Microsoft’s Surface

With Microsoft’s high-profile debut of Surface yesterday here in Los Angeles it’s no longer a question of when the computer giant will enter the lucrative tablet market, but if their product will either challenge or possibly dethrone Apple’s iPad. This will undoubtedly be a topic of debate for some time, but one thing’s for sure: with the market share Microsoft commands among desktops and laptops, they aren’t just aiming to compete with Apple, but ultimately dominate. In the interim, the Los Angeles Times has done a very nice side-by-side comparison of Surface and iPad. It’s verdict? They top each other in certain aspects, but Microsoft ignominiously wins in the rather troubling category of unanswered questions — the biggest of them all being how much will Surface cost. In revealing Surface yesterday all the company said was that when it becomes available sometime in the fall, the price will compete with other tablets on the market. That’s one heck of a cliffhanger with which to leave consumers. Depending on the model, iPads run between $499 and $829. If Microsoft’s definition of “competitive” is higher than those price points that could be a hurdle for Surface v1.0 to overcome, and put a […]