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Presentation is Everything

Today’s jurors expect trial evidence to be visually engaging and presented in a dynamic, clear, and cohesive manner. Since 1986, Executive Presentations has provided Southern California’s top lawyers with powerful and effective courtroom presentations.

Our consultants analyze your case and help you determine the best way to break down even the most complex information into concise exhibits that the jury will understand and remember.

Winning strategies, innovative design, and the latest technology. From concept to completion, EP takes care of all your trial presentation needs.

Presentation Consulting

Our multimedia presentation designers and trial technicians are specialists in litigation concepts and strategy. We combine technical and analytical insight with established color psychology and layout theories to develop clear and persuasive designs specific to you and your case.

Graphics & Presentations

We know how to organize and unify the most complex information into clear and cohesive presentations that the jury will understand and remember.

Reinforce the important details of your case with a well-designed, comprehensive presentation.
  • Interactive presentations in PowerPoint or Keynote for Opening statement, expert modules, and Closing arguments
While each case is unique, we have an extensive library of design themes that we’ve cultivated and refined over the years to support any type of case.

In-Trial Anchor Boards:
  • Timelines
  • Player’s charts, Flow charts
  • Overhead maps, diagrams
  • Medical Illustrations

In-Trial Tech Specialist

Our trial technicians and multimedia specialists have years of wide-ranging “hot seat” experience in trials lasting from three days to four months, including high-profile, high-stakes cases. We’ve earned our outstanding reputation for in-trial support by consistently delivering the highest level of professionalism in court.

Courtroom Technology Specialist
  • Operate in-trial software - Sanction, Trial Director, PowerPoint, TrialPad, KeyNote
  • Create video deposition clips on-the-fly
  • Troubleshoot and solve technology problems
  • Offer tactical suggestions, demonstrative exhibit ideas
  • Create and edit existing PowerPoint presentations
  • Back up support system

Trial Database

Streamline your case and present it using Sanction or Trial Director. We scan your exhibit documents and photos, synchronize video depositions with transcripts, and load it all into a trial database. We can create pre-designated video clips for playback in court, as well as execute clips-on-the-fly. The trial database allows us immediate access to 1,000s of exhibits and the ability to excerpt, highlight, and enlarge documents on demand.

Database Production
  • Organize and manage presentation material
  • Build digital trial database
  • Pre-annotate documents
  • Prepare pre-designated video clips

Equipment Rental & Installation

Our top-of-the-line trial presentation equipment is thoroughly tested and quality checked to ensure reliability in the courtroom. Experienced installation technicians know the ins and outs of California’s courthouses and related venues throughout Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, the Bay Area and Central California.

Equipment Systems
  • Computer
  • Projector
  • Projection screen or flat screen
  • Elmo, document camera
  • iPad wireless system


iPad Prep with Case Integration - Access your iPad files anywhere, anytime

Photography - Forensic photography, site inspections, and event photography

Animation - Accident recreation, medical exhibits, and process reconstruction
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