April 23, 2012

Photo Gallery: Iconic Los Angeles

Presenting Executive Presentations’ Second-Annual Photo Gallery. The in-house exhibition is comprised of staffmember submissions on the theme of “Iconic Los Angeles.” Click on the individual thumbnails to view larger versions of the images.  
February 2, 2014

EP In The News: Winning Shots

Rick Kraemer’s photographs have won him friends and helped build Executive Presentations into a highly respected trial services company. Reprinted with permission from Association of Southern California Defense Counsel’s Verdict Magazine, Volume 3, 2013. By Carol A. Sherman    Flashing a friendly smile and wearing his signature bow tie, Rick Kraemer beams as he flips through the pages of one of the scores of photo albums that line a hallway in his top-floor mid-Wilshire office near downtown Los Angeles. The candid photos contained in these albums capture more than three decades of who’s who of the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel (ASCDC). Looking through the photos, no one seems to shy away from Rick’s lens. He easily recalls every lawyer’s name, the names of their children and the story behind the picture. “Through my pictures, I’ve become a part of many lawyers’ lives. I’ve been to their parties, weddings and funerals. When someone needs a photo, be it a judge, lawyer or industry vendor, they call on me.” Rick admits that his photographs have opened doors for his trial services company. As founder and president of Executive Presentations, a full-service trial presentation company, much of Rick’s business comes from […]