February 29, 2012

Moving Pictures: Video Wins In The War Of Words

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but video has the potential to be worth millions – of dollars. Attorneys are winning record-breaking settlements and awards for their clients by using video presentations to effectively communicate the most important — and perhaps least tangible — element of their case: loss.  When presenting damages, a well-executed video is simply the most powerful tool available to conclusively convey extent and consequence. Be it corporate mediators, opposing counsel, insurance adjuster or jury, video places the “decision makers” directly inside the plaintiff’s situation, delivering an incisive perspective of the liable party’s negative impact upon your client. And by providing the most accurate assessment of what the damages are worth, better ensures against the unfortunate possibilities of slower settlements or disproportionate awards. “A concise and compelling mediation video on damages eliminated all of the insurance company’s ‘wiggle room,’” says Gerald E. Agnew, of Torrance-based Agnew & Brusavich. But before grabbing a camera to make your next presentation that much more compelling, consider the following five factors as your foundation for using video to express damages — both in and out of court. Read the complete article here. domain server . Igilgometa .
August 15, 2013

Third In A Series: An Ounce Of Prevention — Trial

Previously: Part 1 | Part 2 With the Consumer Attorney’s Association of Los Angeles’ (CAALA) annual Las Vegas Convention arriving August 29, we’re serializing a feature article on trial presentation that appeared in the May 2013 issue of CAALA’s Advocate Magazine. Last week, Rick highlighted the some key issues regarding computer systems, components, and software. This week he goes to court with the technology and tactics that will put less error in your trial: Document intensive trials – for example, business cases – rely heavily on digital trial presentations. When dealing with thousands and thousands of documents, you can’t afford to be fumbling around trying to find a single paragraph amidst a sea of millions to prove your point.  In order to reduce the likelihood of appearing disorganized when it matters most, prepare ahead of time by taking these preventive measures. • Trial software packages such as Sanction II and Trial Director Sanction II and Trial Director are easy to use, point and click systems. These interactive, real-time presentation programs will allow you to organize your documents, exhibits, video clips and/or animations and present them on command. These software programs are a must-have when it comes to managing large databases […]
March 29, 2015

Rick Kraemer’s Feature Profile In the Orange County Attorney Journal Magazine

Executive Presentations’ Founder and CEO Rick Kraemer Reflects on 30 Years of Personal and Professional  Accomplishments Which All Began with a Camera. You can download a PDF version of the article here, a digital version is available here, or you can read all about it here on the Attorney Journal website        
April 1, 2015

EP’s “New Digs” Downtown April 1, 2015

Read the entire article March Milestones. Download a PDF version of the article here, a digital version is available here, or you can read all about it here on the Attorney Journal website   EP’s “New Digs” Downtown April 1, 2015 Recognizing the renewed vibrancy of downtown Los Angeles, Kraemer decided to relocate his company from Mid-Wilshire to 915 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1700. Executive Presentations is now in the heart of the action.      Rick Celebrates His 60th Birthday & 30 Years of Success for EP