July 23, 2013

EP Client Richard Watters Profiled In Plaintiff Magazine

Richard Watters, Esq., has been an EP client for more than eight years, but that kind of time span pales in comparison to another streak Watters has kept going for five times as long. That’s right, next month will mark Watters’ 40th anniversary with the one and only law firm for which he’s ever worked: Fresno-based Miles, Sears, & Eanni. In recognition of that successful career, Watters was profiled by writer Stephen Ellison in the July 2013 issue of Plaintiff magazine, the feature article of which begins with some fatherly advice that Watters wasn’t immediately ready to accept: A Fresno native, Watters was attending law school at Santa Clara University and clerking at an insurance defense firm in San Jose when he got what would turn out to be a career-altering phone call from Dad. “My father told me there’s a very good small firm here in Fresno you should talk to,” Watters recalled, “and like most college kids, I thought, ‘What did my dad know?’ My dad was a salesman. But I came back home and interviewed with Miles, Sears and Eanni – they did 99 percent plaintiffs’ work – and they hired me. I started before I  took […]